About This Site
I have run the teachinglinks site and blog since 2005 as an online favourites page. Almost 100% of the sites linked to here provide free resources, planning or activities; and those that do charge are well worth the subscription.

Finding useful sites:

Click on one of the tags, e.g. resources to find all sites linked to here (bear in mind that not all of the teachinglinks.net  database is here.

Browse www.teachinglinks.net by subject, perhaps starting with the resources page.

Check out the links in “raw” format at my Diigo and Del.icio.us online bookmarks.

Use the teachinglinks.co.uk custom Google search engine – this will return results from all of the teachinglinks sites and from some of my favourite finds.

Discover a random page on this site.

About Me
I am a primary (elementary) school teacher working in the North East of England. I teach Year 5 and 6 (nine – eleven year olds) and am subject leader for ICT.

It’s unashamedly cheesy but my teaching philosophy is pretty much summarised by Taylor Mali:


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