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Rememble, MFL, Newspaper Template, Truancy Fact

Rememble Annotated

tags: ict, ict.tools, resources

    Rememble is a ‘washing line’ for your digital bits and pieces. Thread together texts, photos,videos, sounds, scribbles, scans,notes, tweets… so they’re not drifting in a digital wasteland.

      The Language Investigator Annotated

      tags: languages, resources

      This site is aimed at Primary School teachers who are interested introducinga multilingual dimension into their lessons.

        “Roll the presses” – create your own newspaper

        tags: english, english.nonfiction, english.writing, iwb, resources

        diigo.com – “Social Annotation: Seamless Integration of Social Bookmarking, Web Highlighter, Sticky-Note & Clipping” Annotated

        tags: ict.tools

            Highlight, Clip and Sticky-Note for any webpage
            • Just as you would on paper ⇒ Write on any webpage!
            • Make them private or public ⇒ Interact on any webpage!

            www.teachinglinks.co.uk – bookmarks on diigo

            tags: eduboomark

            post from diigo to blogger with tags – Google Search

            tags: testing_testing

            BBC NEWS | Education | Truancy rate ‘highest since 1997’

            tags: education.facts


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