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  • 23/3/08 – Loads of planning and resources for science:
    Achievements and Targets
    Revision Plans for Year 6
    Creative Science
    Science Challenges
    Developing Children’s Vocabulary
    Science at Home (ppt)
    Famous Scientists
    Science Outside the Classroom
    Games Materials and their properties
    Singing to Learn Science
    Investigation Units
    Speaking, Listening and Learning
    Invicta Primary Science Policy (revised)
    Support Posters for Fair Investigation
    Kent NGfL primary resources
    The Intel QX3 Digital Microscope (Word Doc)
    Mysterious Happenings
    The new Scheme of Work for Primary Science
    Preparation for SATs
    The Science Co-ordinator’s Pack
    Progression of Skills in Scientific Enquiry
    What Constitutes a Good Science Lesson?
    Progression of skills, knowledge and understanding across Sc2, Sc3 and Sc4
    Year 6 Revision Boxes
    Recommended Books
    – post by teachinglinks

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