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Best of the web


This page is for my absolute favourite teaching resources and planning websites.

Resources for every subject

Primary Resources is the original and best! Thousands of teacher-created resources for all subjects at key stage 1 & key stage 2.

Coxhoe School has a well-served reputation as one of the first and best sites offering links to resources for primary school teachers.

The Highland Schools Virtual Library presents an alphabetical, topic-based list of sites with resources, those suitable for whole-class teaching and for use by children individually.

Interactive Whiteboards

The mother of all IWB sites! Collates the best links and resources from all around the web in an easy to use menu structure.


Maths Links on del.icio.us. Chris de Cordova offers the best-organised, most comprehensive collection of links to mathematics resources anywhere on the web.


The Greenwich ICT Support pages. If you are using the QCA ICT modules, these are unbeatable. You’ll find planning and all the resources you need to teach ICT at key stage 1 and key stage 2.


Haringey Learning offers an extremely comprehensive collection of resources. First port of call for medium and short term planning of science. There is also a KS1/KSF page. You’ll find: teacher subject knowledge, websites for use with pupils, PowerPoints, embedding ICT, Worksheets and lesson plans, vocabulary, concept maps, revision and inclusion.


Nuffield Primary History is easily one of the best sites for planning history lessons; particularly since there are great ready-made lesson plans and activities! Like schoolhistory.co.uk there are loads of free downloads, useful resources and links.



Flickr.com offers, without exaggeration, millions of user-submitted images in high resolutions. These can be found very easily by a keyword search. The only downside is that some are of poor quality and some are rights-restricted but there are so many photographs and images that you will find something useful.

Animations – make your PowerPoint, Smartboard or Promethean presentations more interesting.

Both of these sites are free, easy to browse and (in my experience at least) school-safe.

Sound Effects

Soundsnap.com allows you to search or browse for thousands of sound effect files, including: animals, music samples and loops, film effects, science fiction and plenty more.


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