The Innovative Educator: 2 critical things to do & remember each day as a teacher

  • 07/04/2012 – “Every day educators must remember two things. 1) We are not teaching subjects. We are teaching children. 2) Children are more than test scores. Every day educators must do two things: 1) Be aware of how you are supporting your children in doing work that is worthy of the world. 2) Ensure each child knows that they matter.”


A Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching, and Assessing: A Revision of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

Amphibiolies – Syntactically ambiguous sentences

Cheeseburger Brown: Wile – The Unauthorized Biography of Wile E. Coyote

  • 18/09/2011 – “The sun is high and hot. Impossible rock sculptures tower over the desert floor, casting short purple shadows on the scrub and cacti. An insect chirps. A trail of speeding smoke appears at the horizon, tearing along the highway with reckless abandon. If we were to take a very fast exposure of the dust cloud as it blasts by, we might get a blurred snapshot of a giant RoadRunner (runforrestus run). Shaking her blue crest, quoth she: “Beep-beep.” Brilliant! – simple and clear IWB demonstrations

  • 18/09/2011 – Very clear “Resource Available Ordering Comparing and Reading Numbers Ordering, Comparing and Reading Numbers / Addition and Subtraction Addition and Subtraction Resources / Multiplication and Division Multiplication and Division Resources / Partitioning and Place Value Partitioning and Place Value Resources / Word Problems Word Problems / Fractions Decimals and Percentages Fractions Decimals and Percentages / Latest Resources Latest Resources”

31 Interesting Ways to Get to Know Your New Class –

MEWAN Subject Leader Information : Resources to support Mathematics Subject Leaders

  • 29/08/2011 – “Documentation to support Numeracy| Auditing Literacy and Mathematics Subject Leader self evaluation grid Guidance on writing RAPs and blank ISP RAP Maths Co-ordinators file Sample Mathematics Policy What should be in your maths toolbox Looking at a sample of children’s work (AT1 focus) Looking at a sample of children’s work checklist Looking at a sample of children’s work (Renewed Framework) Oct 07 Looking at Planning (Renewed Framework) Oct 07”