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Primary Resources: Topic, Themed and Cross-curricular resources and planning

The Curriculum Catalyst

  • 09/05/2010 – “The Curriculum Catalyst Creating curriculum ideas together. An opportunity to contribute and vote for the most interesting or relevant curriculum topic ideas. These will then be the focus of development by the wider education community. After a period of voting we will focus on the top topic and crowd-source an ideas map. This will be a collection of subject related ideas in a simple format that could be a catalyst for further more detailed topic planning. Two things you can do: 1) Contribute a curriculum topic idea + description 2) Vote for you favourite, most interesting or most relevant topic idea”

Cheeky Monkey Resources: Music to support topics

  • 29/6/08 – Music and sound effects for World War 2, China, Greece, Africa, Judaism, Sea Shanties, Tudors, Churches, Seaside, India, Victorians, Mexico, Space, Egypt, London, plus more to be added shortly.