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Cheeseburger Brown: Wile – The Unauthorized Biography of Wile E. Coyote

  • 18/09/2011 – “The sun is high and hot. Impossible rock sculptures tower over the desert floor, casting short purple shadows on the scrub and cacti. An insect chirps. A trail of speeding smoke appears at the horizon, tearing along the highway with reckless abandon. If we were to take a very fast exposure of the dust cloud as it blasts by, we might get a blurred snapshot of a giant RoadRunner (runforrestus run). Shaking her blue crest, quoth she: “Beep-beep.” Brilliant!


The Story Museum – 1001 stories from around the world

  • 15/05/10 – “Fly your imagination around the world with inspirational stories to watch, hear, read and tell” – search by genre, age or country of recommended age-group. Plus ideas for using stories at school and home – possibly useful for parental newsletters or other home-school communication.

Interactive Story Books online

Most Dangerous Bridges In The World

  • 15/5/09 – High-quality images of rickety bridges in a range of different places around the world. I will use this page of over 20 pages for describing settings in narrative.

StoryTop Story Maker — The Online tool for storytelling

  • 29/3/09 – “create multi-page stories, drag and drop clip art to illustrate your story, add text in dialogue boxes, create storytelling clubs with your friends, share your stories with others” Free, for the moment at least.

911 Writers Block

  • 20/7/08 – “Dial 1 for Settings / Dial 2 for Characters / Dial 3 for Dramatic Entrances / Dial 4 for Dialogue / Dial 5 to Commiserate / Dial 6 for Verbs / Dial 7 for Calisthenics / Dial 8 to Kill a Character / Dial 9 for Endings” Many of these ideas could be used in school, but I would be wary of using the actual website, as I haven’t seen every possible idea. My class will be creating their own when we look at narrative writing in September.

Stories From the Web