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Facts about the brain – OnlineSchools.Org


Switch Zoo – Animal Games

  • 19/4/09 – “Photorealistic zoo”. Make your own new animals, play animal games and puzzles. Learn about animals. Build animal habitats. Superb site for habitats or as a writing stimulus. The site even offers lesson plans.

DeadDog » 100 Weird Facts About the Human Body

“Why Is The Sky Blue?” and other questions

  • 30/7/08 – An entertaining and informative website which answers the above question and many others. I will use modified versions of these when teaching explanation and information texts.

Key Features of Writing Genres

  • 31/5/08 – Diary, discussion, autobiography, letters, narrative and short story. Useful for creating marking / self evaluation ladders and success criteria. You’ll also find some downloadable writing frames.

National Geographic Global Warming Resources

Texts for IWB use (fiction and non-fiction)

Texts for IWB use (fiction and non-fiction)

tags: English.Non-fiction, English.Writing, Resources

26/3/08 – Useful collection of links to online texts that can be used ot support persusasion, recount, explanation, reports, narrative and poetry.