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Shop Horror – Funny Shop Names

  • 9/9/2009 – Amusing collection of photographs of shop signs that use puns. Almost safe for school, depending on parental attitudes to risque phrases, e.g. the opticians called “Spex Appeal”.


Printable Flash Cards for Vocabulary Words-with Photographs

Vocabulary Game

This is from my TES post on the same theme. ——————————————————————————————-

An idea popped into my head and I would appreciate suggestions as to how I might improve it.

I thought about calling it “Top that” or something similar. The idea would be to teach children both synonyms and degrees/shades of meaning.

  • Children would collect synonyms from each other and thesauri to be collated on the IWB or whiteboard.
  • Someone would start off with what they believed to be the weakest word within the “family” – e.g. good.
  • The winning team would be able to suggest the largest number of more ambitious synonyms, so long as they can use them in a sentence, e.g. I had a good breakfast.
  • The game would end when either all synonyms were exhausted or someone reached the top of the scale, e.g. I had a perfect breakfast.
  • The game could be extended to include negatives / antonyms.
  • KS2 children could use simple sentences such as I had a marvellous breakfast as a stimulus for writing – why was it perfect? / describe it…
  • Another idea would be to use the game to focus on punctuation or grammar – creating complex sentences or adding higher-level punctuation.

Let me know what you think…

Spelling List Generator – BrendenisTeaching.com

  • 29/3/09 – “Using a database of UK words, produce spelling lists and/or flashcards based on the criteria you set. The ‘search’ set of search types will take your search term and use the filter you select. The other search types are pre-selected words, which you can limit in size and categorise into groups.”

Write rhymes.com – find ryhmes for any word

Easily the best spelling site on the web…

  • 19/4/08 – spellingcity.com is superb! The best feature is the fact that you can generate your own list and ask it to test your pupils. You then hear your spelling list words spoken (choose individually or in a sentence). There are also thousands of saved spelling lists for each year group and for many different themes. Great stuff!

English Spelling Games and Activities

English Spelling Games and Activities

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25/3/08 – Another great compilation from Woodlands school.