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Free Movie Fonts Collection (TTF)

  • 18/4/09 – Free fonts similar to Aladdin, Pirates of the Caribbean, Enemy of the State, Frankenstein, Harry Potter, The “Hollywood” hills sign, Monsters Inc, Scooby Doo, Walt Disney, 28 Days Later, Addams Family, Austin Powers, Flubber, Jurassic Park, Shrek, Sleepy Hollow, Willy Wonka and more.




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2/4/08 – Nearly 8,000 free fonts.

Free Fonts, Onelook Reverse Dictionary

A Font Category Annotated

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  • 1/3/08 “Over 9,000 free font downloads for the everyday geek!” – post by teachinglinks
Over 9,000 free font downloads for the everyday geek!

    OneLook Reverse Dictionary

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    Typetester – Compare and choose fonts for the screen

    Typetester – Compare fonts for the screen – as it says!