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Inspiring Videos as Visual Writing Prompts | The Tech Savvy Educator


Daniel Willingham – Home

  • 19/04/2011 – An American Professor of Educational Psychology, Daniel Willingham makes a lot of sense. Good ammunition to use against those who would inflict Brain Gym or rigidity of learning styles on your classroom.  The article on memory is very informative, too.

Under Ten Minutes | How to use Education Technology quickly.


  • 09/02/2011 – Scholastic offer sings for maths and science. Well worth a look for introducing topics or consolidation.


  • 11/05/10 – Great site! Packed full of videos for all aspects of ICT at KS1 and KS2. Ideal for classroom demonstrations, independent use by the children or staff information.

BBC – Learning Zone Broadband Class Clips

iPrimary.co.uk | ICT Tutorials for Teachers

  • 11/6/09 – “Tutorials. The following video tutorials cover software and hardware that can be used within the classroom to improve teaching and learning, or can be used to support every day administration tasks. Use the search box on the right to find a specific tutorial.

  • 007 – Video conferencing with FlashMeeting Learn how to use FlashMeeting, a free web-based video conferencing tool intended for education.

  • 006 – Using Harvest Sounds to play audio files during dramas and radio shows Find out how to use Harvest Sounds, a piece of software used for playing audio files on the fly.

  • 005 – Using SpellingCity.com to support the learning of spellings Find out how to use SpellingCity.com, a free website, to support the learning of spellings.

  • 004 – ActivPrimary 3 – A basic introduction Find out the basics of how to use ActivPrimary 3, from Promethean.

  • 003 – Adding a soundtrack with Windows Movie Maker Find out how to add music to a video using Windows Movie Maker.

  • 002 – Creating word clouds with Wordle Find out how to display word lists in attractive word clouds.

  • 001 – How to download movies from Youtube In this tutorial you’ll learn how to download movies from Youtube for use at a later date within the classroom.”