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Really Bad Jokes

  • 22/10/2008 – Not, as far as I have seen, bad taste – just plain daft. Could be useful for looking at word play.


Funology — The Science of Having Fun!

  • 30/7/08 – “science experiments, quizzes, trivia … all kinds of great learning activities.” I agree, this is a superb site for children to use by themselves, or for teachers to use in the classroom. Puzzles, challenges, science experiments, magic tricks, maths magic and jokes.

Mathematical Challenges for Year 5 and Year 6

Very cool clock

  • 4/6/08 – digits move round clockwise, other numbers create the shape and form of the clock. Very useful for teaching time, as it’s updated live.

Design your own playground

  • 20/5/08 – Design your own playground. Aimed at KS2 and KS3 children, this DCSF site also solicits users’ opinions on playgrounds.

Drama Warm Up Ideas

  • 20/4/08 – On the Scout website, these Campfire Skits (500 of them) look like enjoyable ways for children to get into character.

Hand Bell Hero – VML

Hand Bell Hero – VML

tags: Christmas, time.fillers

7/4/08 – Like Guitar Hero using handbells for Christmas tunes.